• 05 Dec 2018

    Regeneration model for accelerating the smart urban transformation

    Energy, transport and information and communication technologies (ICT) are key to achieve economical and societal benefits and improve citizens' quality of life. They also represent most of the interrelations between people and technology.

    A big challenge to offer new interdisciplinary opportunities to make cities smarter is already open in the common area where energy production, distribution and use, mobility and transport, ICT work together and are intimately linked.

    The project Regeneration model for accelerating the smart urban transformation (REMOURBAN) will implement large scale interventions and intense dissemination initiatives to demonstrate the potential of the urban regeneration model in the energy, mobility and ICT sectors. It will test a range of technical innovations and solutions as well as new business models for city renovation and strategies addressing non-technical barriers.

    REMOURBAN has just released a new set of information packages on technical solutions for Smart Cities. The information packages are available for download on the project’s website.

    For more information please contact Matthieu Grosjean: grosjean@steinbeis-europa.de