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Horizon 2020: What type of funding available for Covenant Signatories?
Horizon 2020: What type of funding available for Covenant Signatories?
27 February 2014 - 15:36

Horizon 2020, the European Commission’s €80 billion research and innovation programme is offering funding to help public authorities carry out sustainable energy policies. With a deadline of 5 June 2014, six calls are of interest for Covenant of Mayors’ Signatories.

  • Energy efficiency through ICT

There are opportunities for the public sector to deliver energy efficiency through ICT. Within Horizon 2020, the cross-sectorial nature of ICT solutions is fully recognised. It has a crucial role to play in delivering energy efficiency and achieving Europe's energy and climate objectives. Much of the transformation to a low-carbon society needs to happen at the local and community levels meaning public authorities have a critical role to play. For this reason there are two calls that are of interest for signatories: public procurement of innovative sustainable energy solutions and new ICT-based solutions for energy efficiency

  • Planning and implementing sustainable measures

Enhancing public authorities’ capacity to plan and implement sustainable energy measures is also seen as crucial. Public authorities play an important role in achieving Europe's ambitious energy and climate targets. All legally binding measures agreed within the Energy Efficiency Directive at the European and national levels will need to be translated into concrete actions on the ground. Funding is available for proposals empowering public authorities to develop, finance and implement ambitious sustainable energy policies and plans. The call can be found here.

  • Involving stakeholders

Also important is empowering civil society, public/private stakeholders to assist local authorities in the definition and implementation of sustainable energy policies. This financing line seeks proposals that will empower stakeholders to assist public authorities in converting their plans into concrete actions. You can find out further about the call here.

  • Financing

Lastly, addressing finance for sustainable energy is central to public authorities’ work. In 2014, funding is available for improving the business case for sustainable energy investments, project development assistance, rollout of innovative energy services and financial schemes, and capacity building for innovative financing schemes. Two calls looking at the development assistance for innovative, bankable and aggregated sustainable energy investment schemes and projects and the development and market roll-out of innovative energy services and financial schemes for sustainable energy are now open.

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